Tips for creating a great first impression

November 22, 2016


I’m often called upon by realtors to stage a home with existing furniture and accessories that just doesn’t have that Wow Factor for photographs. My goal is to shift the focus from the owner’s taste to a feel that prospective buyers can embrace.

As a stager, I assess five aspects of each room: Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Windows and Stuff. Once I enter a room, I immediately focus on the “big stuff”: the furniture.  I ask myself a series of questions: Is there too much furniture? What is not needed?  Is it arranged correctly? Are there clear paths of travel?  Does the furniture block access? Is there a main focal point?

Once I’ve done a walk-through of the entire property (there may be good pieces of furniture in other rooms), I start with the living room, as that has the most impact.

  • Shift and re-arrange furniture to create a more open feel and a focal point.
  • Remove pieces that are too large (storing or donating large recliners).
  • Remove smaller pieces that are not needed.
  • Remove large carpets covering tile floors, and replace with smaller area rugs.
  • If possible, replace out-dated light fixtures with more contemporary lamps.
  • Remove any outdated window treatments.
  • Remove artificial plants, baskets or objects from tops of shelves as they draw the eye upward.
  • Accessorize: remove personal items, re-hang art work and simplify accessory items.

This should create a great first impression as a prospective buyer first enters your property.




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