First impressions start with Curb Appeal

December 1, 2016

Typically buyers narrow down their search for homes on the internet to 10 homes to view. They usually do a drive-by first if they are in the same geographic area. If not- they can “drive-by” on Google Maps. They want to see the condition of the neighborhood and the surrounding homes.

Once you get buyers to your home by viewing the beautiful images on a web page, their first impression is often the curb-side mail box.

What does your mailbox say about your home? Is it an after -thought? It is well maintained? Is it in keeping with the style of your home? If you just remodeled, did you remember the mailbox?  Mailboxes are a clue to tell prospective buyers how your home is maintained. If it is falling over, propped up in a bucket or held together with bungie cords, chances are the maintenance on the home has been handled in a similar way.

If the mailbox fits the architecture, is well maintained and makes a statement- probably the inside of the home reflects the same tone. Buyers will be much more eager to schedule a showing if the “total” first impression is favorable.

Examples of “sad” mailboxes and “great” additions

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